Major Bedrock updates: new website, documentation & tutorial!

Posted on 18 January 2018 at 10:35 by Wolfr_

Bedrock website

Bedrock is almost turning 2 years old, and we have some news to share.

First of all, we have completely updated the Bedrock website. You will see a completely new design, with a new homepage, and a revised documentation section.

There is now a tutorial on getting started with Bedrock.

We want to drive the adoption of Bedrock by others so it can be improved. The goal of Bedrock is to build the ultimate static site generator, with a heavy focus on HTML prototyping.

One way you can support Bedrock is by simply ★’ing the Github project.

While the tool hasn’t had a lot of external adoption yet, we use it for almost all of our projects at Mono. We’ve found it extremely worthwhile and want to share it with the community.

Bedrock has an open source MIT license, and is based on modern coding standards, so you are effectively never locked in. Whatever you create can be transported to other systems. In fact, I made the first version of this new website in Bedrock and then moved it to WordPress when it was ready enough.

Some of our future plans include providing Bedrock “bases” that document certain frameworks, such as Bootstrap 4 or Google’s Material Design. This way can easily get started prototyping with a certain library.

Do you find value in Bedrock? Did you use it for a project? Let us know! You can e-mail us at or just place a comment below. We welcome any feedback!

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