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Posted on 11 June 2018 at 15:07 by Wolfr_

We’ve been thinking hard about who Bedrock is for.

The current answer is: it’s for designers who want to reach the next level.

Bedrock is extremely powerful, but it is not easy to use.

I actually had “easy to use” on the website for a while, as a marketing message.

I thought about it. For months I’ve thought about how to make things easier.

With the upcoming 1.10 release it will be much easier to get into than before.

The thing is that learning to work with Bedrock is not easy – but learning to work with Bedrock is worthwhile.

If a designer learns to work with Bedrock they will be able to communicate their designs at scale, with a level of realism that design apps can only dream of.

But to do so you will need to learn about quite a few concepts.

And to work efficiently you basically need to know how to code HTML and CSS, and then be able to work with things like SCSS and Pug as well.

You need to way around a terminal, and you need to know about version control.

For a long time I thought about trying to simplify Bedrock, to try to make it easier to use.

But the problem is that I can’t make the reality of building complex web apps easier.

And I also don’t want to dumb down Bedrock with choices to make it more dummy-proof leading to a development environment I don’t want to use myself.

So, Bedrock is not easy.

It’s definitely not for the designer who doesn’t want to code.

But once you get past the hurdles, you will be rewarded with a powerful tool.

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