Bedrock news – February 2018

Posted on 9 February 2019 at 13:27 by Wolfr_

The design systems event I held this week inspired me to keep on hacking to make Bedrock better.

I know that not many people use Bedrock, but I want to change that, as I think the workflow that we propose has much to offer.

Help with using Bedrock

Do you want help with using Bedrock? Troubles setting up Bedrock? Get in touch with me via Twitter. My DM inbox is open.

Bedrock changes

  • 1.14
    • Added a way to tag components with their source to differentiate, for example, between official/unofficial components. The way to do it is to add a source to the YAML front matter of the component docs. For example, the .md file of a component would look like this:
    title: My component
    source: Unofficial
    An extra component.
  • 1.15
    • Started work on 2 new features
      • A better way to display the component style guide on mobile
      • A way to search components in the styleguide

If you are curious you can check out the pre-release.

Updated Bedrock bases

Bedrock bases are starting points to use Bedrock with. Using degit it is super easy to get started.

  • The Bootstrap 4 base has been updated to use Bootstrap 2.1.4.
    • Here’s the 5 terminal commands you need to get started with a Bootstrap project:
      • npm i -g degit
      • degit usebedrock/bedrock#bootstrap4base my-bootstrap-project
      • cd my-bootstrap-project/
      • npm install
      • npm start
  • The Material Design base has been updated to use Material Web Components 0.44.0.
    • Here’s what you need to get started with a Material Web Components project
      • npm i -g degit
      • degit usebedrock/bedrock#materialbase my-material-project
      • cd my-bootstrap-project/
      • npm i
      • npm start

Updated documentation

I pruned the documentation to make it clearer.

  • Basic tutorial
    • The video was removed since it is out of date with how Bedrock works and might cause confusion for newcomers
    • We recommend using degit to start a new Bedrock project. This has been documented in the basic tutorial.
  • Page tree
    • Documentation for the page tree docs page was simplified for clarity
  • Updating Bedrock
    • We added docs about the option to update Bedrock from the development branch


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