Bedrock news – July 2019

Posted on 29 July 2019 at 20:52 by Wolfr_

I’ve clarified the documentation of the page tree and index page as well as the working with Pug page.

Next to this, some missing documentation was added to “Working with the style guide”. It pained me slightly that it took us a full year to complete this.

One might be concerned about the lack of updates to Bedrock, but rest assured – for me this is just proof that the software is stable and working, and does what it needs to do. Personally, I haven’t needed a new feature in a while, but I use Bedrock quite often, which I believe is a great sign.

I would like it more people used Bedrock though. So if you use Bedrock or if you are interested to start using Bedrock, feel free to post on our issues page. Let us know how you are using Bedrock, any problems you encounter or anything else that is on your mind (as long as it’s about Bedrock 😎!).

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