Bedrock 1.32.0 notice

Posted on 8 June 2021 at 15:22 by Wolfr_

Attention! There is now a difference how Javascript gets transpiled in the latest Bedrock version.

It used to be that everything would get put into a big bundle.js.

Now we are separating out the bundle of the code needed to run Bedrock and the code of the prototype itself. They are in 2 files now called bundle-prototype.js and bundle-client.js.

This way, external developers receiving the prototype have an easier time integrating, and we can also potentially change the way these get transpiled separately through a setting in the future.

How to upgrade? There is some manual work involved.

  • Run bedrock upgrade --dev  in the root folder (make sure you have the Bedrock CLI installed )
  • To upgrade old prototypes, you need to change the reference to bundle.js in master.pug to
  • Then, remove this line in content/index.jsimport "../../core/js/index";

Feedback & issues welcome.

Update June 9: We’ve added better docs.

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