Bedrock 1.38.1 released

Posted on 8 July 2021 at 10:43 by Wolfr_

For the period of June 15 – July 8, we worked on several features in Bedrock 1.34 to Bedrock 1.38. Highlights include:

  • PurgeCSS support
  • PostCSS support
  • Different configs for development and production
  • Minification of CSS and JS for production builds
  • A way to customize the page tree so that markup is not “in the way” or even remove the page tree altogether (e.g. in production builds)

These were marked as pre-release until we were sure of moving along with all of it. We’ve let go of the pre-release label and these features are now part of the master branch.

I’ve now released Bedrock 1.38.1 which contains almost all of the recent features.

Some new things are in development like using Prism for code blocks and a “Copy as JSX” feature. These will likely land in a future release.

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