Bedrock 1.41 pre-release warning

Posted on 28 July 2021 at 10:34 by Wolfr_

This post is an explanation of what we are doing with #320 Hide core folder away from Bedrock users.

When this is done, you can upgrade Bedrock in the future simply by changing the version number and running npm install again:

"dependencies": {
    "@bedrock": "^1.41.0"

We will be deprecating the usage of bedrock-cli.

Breaking change incoming

Because of the above change, we need to make some breaking changes that Bedrock users will need to change manually.

Currently there is only one. If you use any relative paths to files in core in your content folder e.g. include ../../../../core/templates/mixins/icon-overview you need to change those to absolute paths include /core/templates/mixins/icon-overview .

We will provide a migration guide to move projects from pre-1.41 to 1.41.

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