Parent Object Sub object Possible values Effect
styleguide true/false (Boolean) Enable or disable the style guide
styleguide snippetlanguage html, pug This modifies tde language snippets shown in the styleguide.
styleguide colors ./content/scss/_settings.colors.scss Path to the SCSS file specifying colors (for the color feature in the styleguide which shows the project’s colors in a visual way).
styleguide categoryOrder Example:

categoryOrder: [
  'Style guide',
Order of the documentation categories.
styleguide componentCategories Example:

componentCategories: {
  b: 'Bootstrap additions',
  f: 'Foundation additions',
  bc: 'Bootstrap custom components',
  fc: 'Foundation custom components',
  br: 'Bedrock components',
  c: 'Custom components'
Which component categories should exist.
icons generateIconFont true/false Specify whether to generate an icon font.
icons svgIconClassPrefix Example: svg-icon (String) Specify the CSS class for direct SVG icons.
icons iconFontClassPrefix Example: if (String) Specify the CSS class for icon font icons.

Deprecated config items

Parent Object Sub object Possible values Effect
icons hasSvgIcons true/false Specify whether to enable SVG icon support. This was removed in Bedrock 1.10.